Hyakuju chopsticks Fujimoto store is a specialty store of chopsticks, I would like to be a chopsticks store that sells to everyone who works in the production area of ​​wood and even the feelings of chopsticks creator, rather than simply selling chopsticks.
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That is not only wood chopsticks but also lacquer chopsticks.

For example, this chopsticks of Wajima.
It is named “Hyakkyu (Hakuju)”.

In Wajima as well, we just painted chopsticks with the brush properly and only about 3 or 4 places were made.

This was made by one of them, but, how! I painted hundred times.
(That’s why it is “Longevity”)
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Dry it with a brush, dry it, dry it and sharpen it.
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It will take two years to complete.
One course is two years.
Please wait for 2 years in case of out of stock. .
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“Do you really paint so much?”
It seems that everything really counts when it is heard.
It is in the area of ​​transformation. . In case
(I am very fond of Fujimoto store shop)
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Vertical pattern in chopsticks, this is the color of the lacquer all painted. In case
It is painted piling weight, shine, it is not a half end.
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By the way, the price is 40,000 yen (excluding tax).

It is 2 years to continue to paint lacquer frankly until completion. In case
Whether it is expensive or cheap is up to you!