Company profile and store information

Company profile

Name: Hashitou Incorporated.
Address: 2-6-2 Nishi Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0035
Phone: 03-3844-0723
Fax: 03-3845-6304
President: Yasunari Uenaka
Number of employee: 25(including part-time employee)


1910 Business founded by Toujiro Uenaka(1st generation owner)
1922 Succeeded by Tatsugoro Uenaka(2nd generation owner)
1955 “Hashitou” incorporated
1963 “Hashitou Honten” incorporated
1975 Narita branch open
1982 Business succeeded by Toshio Uenaka(3rd generation owner)
1991 Aoto distribution center open
1996 Head office move to current address
2016 Business succeeded by Yasunari Uenaka(4th generation owner)

Our Work

1. Wholesale :Disposable chopstick, Washi paper, Tableware, kitchen utensils,
2. Retail :Chopstick (lacquer ware), Japanese miscellaneous goods,
3. Planning, producing & sales of lifestyle products, Export
4. Information transmission, education of Japanese culture, Workshop operation